3 Best Single Monitor Stand For Desk To Buy

When it comes to PC gaming, finding the right monitor stand for desk is significant to improve the quality of all the things to do with your computer. You have to know that choosing monitor stand for desk needs to consider some factors. Those are the flexibility, strength and durability, as well as the design and material.

The flexibility of the monitor stand for desk should meet the demands without reducing the comfort. The strength and durability will support the larger screen sizes. Meanwhile, the design and material contributes much to the monitor stand’s sustainability. These are all very beneficial for having such monitor stands to add comfort when you are working with the computer.

Below are the three best recommended monitor stand for desk which you may take as valuable information as well as buying guides. You need actually this idea to get headed and directed in choosing the right monitor stand for desk as you expected before finally picking up one as a final option.

Ergotech Freedom Arm Monitor Stand


Ergotech freedom arm monitor stand is one of the best monitor stand for desk coming as a single monitor. This one is considered as the most flexible and the easiest type to use. You can feel like it can last longer. It is easy to install this type of monitor. You just need to tighten the clamp on your desk by using the heavy duty knob.

Ergotech has minimalist design. It comes with metallic silver suit well in any office atmosphere. Moreover, this type of monitor stand for desk is compatible with MAC and PC monitors as well as built-in VESA. The rotation is 360-degree and the tilting up-down is 90-degree as well as 45 degree. This makes the monitor is remarkable for its flexibility.

Amazon Basics Single Monitor Display Mounting Arm

Amazon arm

Amazon arm

Designed as a single monitor, Amazon Basics has the capability of handling the big boys at 32 inches and up to 25 pounds. The effortless adjustment and setup is the essential part of the product. Despite the price tag that will not actually hurt your budget, the great performance and dependability is quite a catch. The lowest position of Amazon Basics which is lower than the mounting bracket make the product looks so cool. For more satisfaction, you are also able to raise the display of the desk to get real estate. Pretty nice, isn’t it?

Satechi F3 Smart Monitor Stand

Satechi F3 Smart Monitor Stand

Satechi F3 Smart Monitor Stand

As one of the monitor stands for desk, Satechi F3 Smart is a great addition to many kind of desks. It has minimalist design but it looks classic as well. It is quite easy to install this monitor stand. Just by fitting in the legs and plugging the USB cord into the computer, it’s done. This monitor gives you two benefits which are enabling you to look at it on eye level and reducing eye and neck strain form loking down so often.

Other parts featuring this monitor stand is the microphone ports at the front of the board and the four USB ports. Along with the design, you will be able to put and store several things you want to, such as notebooks, to-do-list, nasty overlapping cord, and an unused keyboard of your own. How nice the design is!


Over the three best monitor stand for desk recommended above, I personally suggest that you choose one that best suit your need and preference. Beside the features, easy installation and affordable price are often listed on the top searching of a product. I think, the three best units that have been presented above can fill your expectation.

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