Do These Steps When You Have Spilled Water On Monitor!

Spilled Water on Monitor – When you greet your morning by sipping a hot coffee and sit in front of your laptop, it will be a perfect moment to go through your day. But it won’t be, if suddenly that coffee spills on your monitor. Of course you will be afraid that your laptop cannot work again and your data files will be missing. For you who experience this bad moment, just be calm! You still have ways to repair it and here we would like to reveal it to you. The followings are the steps you can do to try to save your laptop from spilled water on monitor:

How to Fix Wet Laptop Emergency

wet laptop monitor

wet laptop monitor

To fix wet-laptop emergency because of spilled water on monitor, you can take these several steps. Firstly, you need to let your laptop bare by removing all the removable components and unplug the mouse, charger, and flash drives as well. After that, try to wipe the surfaces of your laptop that are wet with a soft towel or something else. You have to be careful while wiping it to avoid more severe damage.

For your information, sugary and alcoholic water that spilled on your monitor will be more harmful than mineral water because it is more corrosive. Thus, it is better if you dry it as soon as possible. Then, wait for a while before you turn on the laptop. In case of a glass of coffee, usually it will leave brown smudge at the edge of monitor. Hence, you have to take an LCD panel apart and clean it. After that you can put it back. Remember you must be careful while doing this so that the monitor will be safe. However, if you cannot do this by yourself, we recommend you to ask for help on repair shop.

In case of newest version laptop, you need to do the next steps. You must take it more careful as well. First, check the components inside the body laptop like memory, storage drive and others. If there are liquid found, you can remove it first. Once more, you have to be careful to do this. If you are afraid, you can seek for the instruction into Google. After all the wet components are removed, now you should dry them by using a cotton swab with 99% isopropyl alcohol. It helps you to dismiss gunk without causing damage and evaporate with no residue left. The last, you should let all the components in air-dry along two to three days. We remind you to not use hair-dryer since it can cause static problem and it is better if you utilize a fan to hasten the drying process.

Until those steps, if your laptop still does not work, maybe you should bring your laptop to repair shop. You can do the same if you would like to use the warranty of your laptop so it will be safer.

Prevent Your Monitor from Spilled Water

Instead of repairing the laptop from spilled water, it will be preferable if you prevent it. The way to deal with it is by applying safeguard on your laptop. It can be a waterproof screen protector, a silicone or plastic cover for your keyboard, and a waterproof skin for the top and bottom of the case. Yet, be careful to put your laptop. Do not place it near the ventilation holes. Also, you can carry your laptop in a big laptop bag to give extra protection.

Prevent from wet

Prevent from wet

That is all the steps you can do when you are experiencing spilled water on monitor. Wish that all can help your problem and do not forget to always take care your laptop. Good luck!

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