Best Monitor Buying Guide : What To Look From A Monitor

Monitor becomes the most important part of the computer. Recently there are many types of monitor in the market area to choose from. Some of them even use new technology to make it more sophisticating and just to improve more user-experiences.

Best monitor buying guide

Best monitor buying guide

In this era, there are some best monitor buying guide you can also follow and read and we become the one of trusted site which will inform this. Choosing the best monitor will save your budget and reduce the maintenance as well. Well, here are some best monitor buying guides to follow.

Screen Resolution

The most important aspect you should be considered is a screen resolution. Moreover in this modern era, most of monitor has featured by full HD technology that allows you to see the video and picture with high quality result, and solid pixel as well. Most of best monitor has 1920 X 1080 pixel, which makes the monitor displays clearer and more obvious fonts as well as colors.  This full HD technology now isn’t only inserted on the large monitor but also smaller size monitor such as 24”, 29”, 32” even 40”. The bigger of the pixel means that the clearer of the object. That’s why screen resolution is the most important aspect should be considered to improve user- experiences on watching.

Panel Technology

Panel technology becomes the next important aspect to be considered. Panel technology is the main aspect should be considered.  Twisted Nematic or (TN) is the first panel type which is much found because of its affordability.  This is the most popular panel by most of gamers because providing quick refresh rate and better pixel responses. Unlucky, this type of panel is susceptible to the color shift, especially when seen from multiple sides. In the other hand, IPS is able to give the best color quality with wider viewing angle. The second type of panel is IPS. IPS uses a type of monitor which can be used for office and entertainment terms. It offers the better visual quality whose stabile visualization means that user can see the objects inside clearly from multiple angles. Most of medium – high quality monitor commonly has been completed by IPS technology which makes color reproductions feel more alive and solid.

About Color Accuracy

The next best monitor buying guide tends to its color accuracy.  Most professional people like pro-gamers, effect artist, web designers or photographer commonly needs the better color control which can supports all task terms. At least, make sure that your monitor has supported sRGB colors. sRGB is the complete color combination which is able to display very accurate colors more than 1 millions color choices available.

Refresh-Rate Speed

One more, refresh-rate speed also needs to be considered.  The best monitor today commonly has completed by a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which allows you to see 60 frames per second when gaming. This feels enough for office terms which use a computer only for computation. But if you are a gamer, photographer or even animators, we recommend you to use a type of monitor with at least 1444 Hz refresh rate which will provide smoother color movement. Some high end monitor even is designed with a technology called variable refresh rate. This feature has been inserted to the monitor to produce a quick refresh in the similar frame rate. At least, there are still 2 manufacturers are available nowadays, AMD Freesync and NVIDIA G-Sync. So if you are gamers who need a monitor for extra work, you can also choose both brands for better monitor.

Well, we hope that information about best monitor buying guides above can inspire you all.

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