Best Ultrawide Monitor – The Ultimate Buying Guide & Reviews 2019

Ultrawide Monitor is a term referred to particular widescreen resolution. Monitor was used to be general. When needs on bigger resolution came, widescreen monitor replaced domination in the market. Now, ultrawide is the new class of monitor.

Due to specific needs on images or video displayed and user productivity, resolution is made in contrast to the common and known ratio. Another monitor is mostly available with 16:9 ratio, which is now already widely supported across brands. With the needs on wider screen with better resolution, the new ratio has been brought to 64:27. This new ratio is commonly found as 21:9 as well in products. 21:9 is actually marketing term which is used by manufacturers to make sure buyers are more familiar with the concept as 16:9 is known better earlier. 21:9 still refers to the new 64:27 ratio.

Even though not yet common enough, several such products are now available. They support 2560×1080 resolution mostly. However, depending on the size of the monitor, 3440×1440 resolution is also supported. Few brands now offer both version of resolution to buyers.

Ultra wide monitor delivers extended benefits to users. By removing letterboxing from top to bottom of the monitor, users are able to see better and actually more while watching cut-scenes in certain games and films. On the other way, this monitor should support the best while user is working and there is need on splitting the monitor to four segments at once. Of course, there are more details to support this monitor if users want the best performance of it.

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 LG 34UC87CLG 34UM68-PASUS ROG SWIFT PG348QASUS PB298QDell UltraSharp U3415WDell UltraSharp U2913WMAcer Predator X34Samsung S34E790CAOC Q2963PMHP Envy 34c
SCREEN SIZE34"34"34"29"34"29"34"34"29"34"
ASPECT RATIO21:921:921:921:921:921:921:921:921:921:9
INPUT CONNECTIONS2 HDMI; 2 USB Port; 1 Display PortHDMI (2)/Display PortDisplay Port; HDMI Port; USB PortDisplay Port; HDMI Port; Dual-link DVI Ports1 HDMI Port; 2 USB upstream port; 4 USB downstream portDisplay Port 1.2; USB 3.01, Mini Display Port; DVI port; HDMI port1 Display Port; 1 HDMI 1.4 port; 1 USB upstream port; 4 USB downstream port 4 USB ports; 2 HDMI ports; PC In; Audio Out; DP In; DC 14V1 VGA port; 1 DVD-I port; 1 Display-in port; 1 Display-out Port; 1 HDMI port; in/out Audio port1 HMDI port; 1 MHL/HDMI port; 1 Display port; 2 USB 3.0 port; 1 USB upstream port
AUDIOMAXX AudioBuilt-in SpeakerBuilt-in SpeakerBuilt-in Dual 3W Stereo RMS SpeakerDual 9W integrated speakersNODual Built-in SpeakersDual Stereo SpeakersDual built-in speakersDual built-in DTS speaker
COLOR GAMUTsRGB over 99%sRGB over 99%FULLN/A91%; sRGB 99%sRGB 99%100% sRGBN/AN/AN/A
ADDITIONAL FEATURES4-Screen Split, Dual Link Up, Flicker SafeAdvanced Gaming FeaturesAsus Eye Care Tech; Gaming-Grade ErgonomicsASUS Eye Care Technology; Flicker Free TechnologyDELL Easy ArrangeSmart Video Enhance; Easy Arrange; Dell Display ManagerEyeProtect's Flicker-less; Blue-light Filtering TechnologyPicture-by-Picture Technology; PIP 2.0 Technology; Flicker Free TechnologyPicture-by-Picture Technology; PIP TechnologyPicture-by-Picture Technology; PIP Technology; Remote Control
LG Electronics 34UC87C 34-Inch Screen Ultra Wide Curved LED-Lit Monitor
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LG 34UM68-P 34-Inch 21:9 UltraWide IPS Monitor with FreeSync
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ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q 34' Gaming Monitor Curved Ultra-Wide 3440x1440 100Hz IPS DisplayPort USB Eye Care G-SYNC
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ASUS PB298Q 29' 21:9 2560x1080 IPS DisplayPort HDMI DVI Eye Care Monitor
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Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34-Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor
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Dell UltraSharp U2913WM 29-Inch Ultra Widescreen LED-Lit Monitor
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Acer Predator 34-inch Curved UltraWide QHD (3440 x 1440) NVIDIA G-Sync Widescreen Display (X34 bmiphz)
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Samsung S34E790C - 34-Inch Curved WQHD Cinema Wide (3440 x 1440) Professional LED Monitor
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aoc q2963pm
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HP Envy 34c 34-inch Curved Media Display
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lg logoLG is South-Korean company focusing their service on producing electronics. Headquartered in Seoul, South-Korea, this company makes great reputation among other multinational corporations on the same field. Among the entire products, their monitor is known to be advanced in technology and performance. Few of the monitors are widely recommended for films, graphics, and advanced office tasks. The following screens are recently recommended with latest technology and performance, offering only excellence to users. These screens are extremely popular for gaming mostly.

LG 34UC87C Ultrawide Curved LED-lit Monitor

According to the manufacturer specs, this ultrawide monitor has excellent size and resolution, 34 inch and 3440×1440 pixels. Instead of equipped with flat display, it has curved IPS-LED that supports up to 4 screen splits. To enable users with multiple sources input, this monitor is also equipped with 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and 1 Display Port in addition to MAXX Audio and Dual Link Up features.

Users may need to get used to the monitor size before knowing what to do with it. With few ports on it, this monitor will display HDMI 2 and Display ports on the left side and HDMI 1 or 2 on the right side. This capacity needs to be switched manually. When users need only single source, they need to select the particular source to be used manually. The same procedure is needed to activate the split screen feature. Besides being multi-tasking, this monitor displays more realistic images and videos with nearly 99% of sRGB capacity. However, for 60 Hz quality, users need to use the Display Port with 25’ cable as the HDMI doesn’t support enough. The tilt and height adjustment runs very smoothly, providing the best service when hooking it up with other monitors.

However, this ultrawide monitor doesn’t have free-sync feature, like G-sync, and it tends to get hot after few hours of non-stop use. It also takes around seven seconds to wake up, which is quite slow comparing to other ultrawide monitors. The joystick sometimes has lagging issue in responding command too. Even though not this entire monitor in market has it, light bleeding is apparently real problem.

LG 34UM68-P

This particular monitor has 34 inch display with 2560×1080 pixel of full HD resolution as standard manufacturer specs. Even though it doesn’t have curved display, the monitor is equipped with IPS-LED display and 21:9 ratio for immersive performance of videos and gaming. The display has capacity for split screen with Split Screen 2.0, which offers easy setting within few mouse clicks. Unfortunately, it only has fewer ports than usual, yet it is equipped with advanced gaming features.

Besides what manufacturer says about the ultra wide monitor, it has no light bleeding, and it is equipped with good contrast ratio, 5M:1. Users will appreciate the vibrant colors from 99% of sRGB capacity and its quick pixel response time. Size of the screen isn’t huge but wider, offering more view and perspective. Gaming mode is splendid without any delay or lag issues while gaming. Segmenting the monitor is also super easy to do especially with joystick beneath to help users control. Menu options and features are more than enough to support users.

However, this widescreen monitor has a little response considering that it is a big one. It should be able to stand better too, and users with work intend will need to find better resolution as well. This monitor seems to be specially designed to support gaming and movie watching rather than work tasks, even though users will find it just fine for all of those purposes. As it has many angle and height adjustment options, users will find it easy to level it. Don’t expect quality sound because the built-in speaker is flat.

LG 34UM68-P 34-Inch 21:9 UltraWide IPS Monitor with FreeSync


asus logoMarketed as ASUS, ASUSTek Computer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational company. It manufactures electronics and computer hardware. Even though it is headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan, its products go across countries offering quality. This company used to produce motherboards only. However now, many of its’ ultrawide monitors are on the top ranks among buyers. Those monitors are equipped with excellent resolution and technology, serving high performance for many segments of users. They are claimed to be ideal for movie watching and gaming.

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q – Best Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

ASUS equips this ultra wide monitor with 3440×1440 pixel resolution and 21:9 ratio for best views. It doesn’t only give users expanded views but also offers bright and very real display. In addition to it, ASUS Eye Care technology makes sure flickering is minimized while the five-way joystick provides intuitive performance for control scheme. New features, like gaming-grade ergonomics, are added for richer experience.

The best part of the monitor lies on its crisp display. It has only 1ms response times while it also offers 144Hz refresh rate, which is awesome. However, user needs to use the Display port to get beyond 60Hz. HDMI port won’t work it out. G-SYNC also works on Display Port only, but it changes the performance nicely. In addition to it, gaming experience is made ultimate here. ROG Swift feature enables the monitor to adjust height, swivel, and tilt to give users the best comfort while gaming. With ASUS GamePlus technology, users are even offered with four crosshairs to select, timer, and personal PSF counter. From these specs alone, this monitor looks like specially built for gaming.

Unfortunately, there is no splitting screen feature added on this monitor, leaving user with only expanded view. Joystick is fine and responsive enough and users can turn off the light right under the monitor manually if they don’t like it. Speaker is pretty flat and there is no audio jack on the monitor. However, user will appreciate the height adjustment, easy control, and 1000:1 of contrast ratio.

Sale ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q 34' Gaming Monitor Curved Ultra-Wide 3440x1440 100Hz IPS DisplayPort USB Eye Care G-SYNC


Comparing to other ultrawide monitors on its’ rank, ASUS may not give many techs and features on this one. However, this monitor already has 21:9 ratio and 2560×1080 pixel of resolution, which is good enough for standard gaming and working tasks. Its’ 29-inch size is not much especially when it offers two-side split screen to user. It offers 12.5 inches tall and 27.5 inches wide display including the bezel and outside the stand. Without the bezel, it offers only 26.5 inches wide and 11.25 inches tall screen. For an IPS, this monitor is slow in response, and it has small lag issues. For few games, users may want faster panel as this one only offers 5ms. In addition to it, IPS glows in here, but it is barely noticeable.

Flicker Free Technology adds comfort to users for longer use of the ultra wide monitor while control is made very easy to navigate with physical buttons to operate. Color calibration is good enough but not too perfect for high-end tasks. To connect it with 2013 Apple computer or older versions, users may want to use the Display Port instead of the HDMI as the last port won’t work. Height and angle adjustment are easy and safe, but its’ built-in speaker sounds flat.

This monitor may not be the best ultrawide monitor, but it should do few tasks nicely. Base and stand are strong and well-designed even though input selection and its’ setup menu can be frustrating. In sum, this monitor performance is reliable enough.

Sale ASUS PB298Q 29' 21:9 2560x1080 IPS DisplayPort HDMI DVI Eye Care Monitor


dell logoDELL is an American multinational company based in Texas. This company doesn’t only sell but also develop, repair, as well as support computers, all related products to computers, and services. DELL products have become widely known across countries while providing excellent products to Americans. DELL ultra wide monitor is among the best on the rank, offering great features, crisp display, and solid supports. The following products are on trend right now.

Dell UltraSharp U3415W (Curved) – Best Ultrawide Monitor For The Money

DELL adds good specs on this one. The 34 inch monitor has curved display that offers expanded view, and bright display from any angle. The 3440×1440 resolution at 60Hz gives crisp display and very realistic panorama to users. Unlike rivals, it has flatter bezel that is set to disappear when monitor is off. There are more than enough ports for engagement including 1 HDMI port, and 6 USB 3.0 Hi-Speed Hub ports (4 USB downstream port and 2 USB upstream port). However, connecting computer should be done on Display Port only. In addition to the ports, DELL provides four buttons at the front and users can customize the function of each button as shortcut. Operating the monitor should be easy with its’ straightforward and simple system structure. Users who use the ultra wide screen for movie watching and music works will find the integrated speaker as fine too.

Once calibrated, the widescreen monitor offers great graphic, realistic color and high definition too. For work, it gives sharp and clear texts with comfortable sharpness and reliable clarity. Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture features enable users to display contents from two different computers while DELL Easy Arrange makes sure users get the best tool and support. The IPS display still has significant color shift on various angles, yet it still has color uniformity in balance. When mounted, this monitor curve is very subtle, perfect for almost all tasks. If there is anything to improve from this screen is the sound control in which more options should be added.

Sale Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34-Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor

Dell UltraSharp U2913WM

The multitasking ultra wide monitor is 29 inch in size and it has 2560×1080 of resolution. Offering crisp graphic and real clarity, this monitor is perfect for gaming and movie watching. As it is widescreen, user can see cut-scenes, while the ports given are more than enough to integrate other devices. Users are provided with Display Port 1.2, HDMI port, DVI port, Mini Display port, and USB 3.01 port. Aspect ratio is already 21:9 and the IPS-LED screens offers 99% of sRGB capacity and 178° view angles.

Monitor graphic remains evident on almost all points of view. Equipped with other features like Dell Display Manager, Easy Arrange, and Smart Video Enhance, it offers easy management and control for users to setup up to six-splits of the screen at once. Dell Display Manager provides around 20 display configurations, and it includes one for user’s custom configuration. Bezel on this ultra widescreen monitor is almost invisible too, giving users clear and efficient display.

However, the default color can be a little warm especially for professional users while the display is bright. These issues can be adjusted easily. Connecting Mac computers can be a little challenging, but Mini Display port should do it well. Menu interface is simple and user-friendly, and the stand is easy to setup and adjust. Wall mounting setup is possible, but the kit is provided separately. The IPS screen glows a little, and this ultrawide monitor doesn’t have built-in speakers in it. Users still need to invest in Mini Display port connector cable to achieve the best resolution and performance.

Dell UltraSharp U2913WM 29-Inch Ultra Widescreen LED-Lit Monitor


acer logoAcer is a multinational company based in Taiwan. This company manufactures electronics and hardware with advanced electronics technology focus. Its’ ultrawide monitors are popular across countries and are on the ultimate rank of users’ pick. This company follows the expansion of monitor to new ratio and resolution, targeting high-end users. Many of these monitors are now entering market, taking other reputable brands as rivals.

Acer Predator X34 – Best Curved Ultrawide Monitor with G-Sync

This ultra widescreen monitor is 34-inch in size and 3440×1440 in resolution. Picture, text, and graphic are clear and crisp, offering immersive experience of use. The IPS-LED screen is curved, giving 178° of viewing angles, and it offers 60Hz refresh rate and 100Hz of OverClocking. Response time is only 4ms and users can use is for split-screen options. Ports are added on the monitor, including 4 downstream USB ports, 1 upstream USB port, 1 Display Port, and 1 HDMI Port. Users may need to invest in longer connector cables though with given cables are only 4 feet long. NVIDIA G-SYNC is already equipped in this monitor along with dual built-in DTS Sound speaker with 7W power on each. Both deliver ultimate gaming experience with smoothest motion and no lag issue. Tilts can be adjusted from -15° to 35° while vertical adjustment can be done up to 5°.

This monitor is claimed to have moderate backlight bleed issue on upper left corner mostly, and the IPS screen glows a little especially on lower left corner. There are buttons on the bottom part of the monitor. They don’t get labels but once user touches it, it displays the function. The operating system is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. LED lighting effects can be customized while game profiles can be changed personally. This monitor is more about video graphic and text display quality than anything. The entire specs propose ultimate gaming experience than working stuffs but its’ high-resolution display should serve design professionals too.

Sale Acer Predator 34-inch Curved UltraWide QHD (3440 x 1440) NVIDIA G-Sync Widescreen Display (X34 bmiphz)


samsung logoSamsung is South-Korean multinational company and the second largest company in electronic field by revenue. It sells electronic products in over 80 countries, and it is considered as the most potential rival for Apple. Samsung ultrawide is always updated in technology and are considered as class-leading products. They offer innovation, natural performance for human eyes, and ultimate experience to users.

Samsung S34E790C (Curved) – Professional LED Monitor

This 34-inch monitor already has 21:9 ratio with 3440×1440 screen resolution. The IPS screen is curved and is considered the best on its’ class. Display graphic is crisp, big, bold, and crystal clear with 3000:1 static contrast. Split screen is supported with Picture-by-Picture Technology, in which user can connect two PCs and view them at once, and Picture-in-Picture (PIP) technology that enables user to do multiple tasks at once within one screen. Users can characterize each input to match the resolution while using these features, making them more functional here. This monitor is also equipped with joystick at the back and user needs to click on it to operate. Meanwhile, system menu has more varieties, offering more options to use.

For ultimate gaming experience, this monitor is equipped with Game Mode that detects any changes due to the game condition and adjusts contrast for better graphic. Built-in dual stereo speakers are added to enrich experience too. Using the ultra widescreen monitor for a long time shouldn’t be an issue with Flicker-Free technology added. Viewing panel can be adjusted up to 178° while tilts can be set from -2° to 22°, providing the best and comfortable angle. Providing flexibility, this monitor is equipped with ports including 4 USB ports, DC 14V, DP In, Audio Out, PC In, and 2 HDMI ports. These ports are facing out, so it takes easy way to setup. In addition to it, this ultra wide monitor has 3 Gamma modes users can choose, but it doesn’t solve the color distortion issue.

Samsung S34E790C - 34-Inch Curved WQHD Cinema Wide (3440 x 1440) Professional LED Monitor


aoc logoAOC, or initially AOC International, is a multinational company headquartered in Taiwan. This company focuses on manufacturing full range of TFT and IPS monitors and sells it worldwide. They recently earned solid reputation among rivals for their new IPS monitors including their ultrawide monitor. Due to ultimate performance and promising features, some of the products are even considered the best.

AOC Q2963PM – Best Budget Ultrawide Monitor

This monitor is only 29-inch in size, while many rivals are already bigger. Resolution is set on 2560×1080 pixels on its’ LED AH-IPS screen. It gives wider horizontal FOV than before. Its’ graphic is immersive and very precise, displaying all movies and games without any loss on sharpness or details. Aspect ratio of the monitor is already 21:9 and it reaches up to 60Hz refresh rate. The panoramic screen is also equipped with two important technologies, Picture-by-Picture Technology and Picture-in-Picture Technology. The first tech enables user to display two computers or sources at once. Meanwhile, the last technology allows users to split screen into multiple windows in progress at once, very productive. The IPS screen isn’t grainy but semi-glossy, offering natural yet nicely saturate graphic.

This monitor may look funny, but it offers up to 178° of view angles both vertically and horizontally. For better viewing, users can adjust the tilt as well. This widescreen monitor has 2ms of respond rate on 60Hz of refresh rate, which are nothing comparing to rivals. However, the input ports are more than enough. It has 1 VGA port, 1 DVD-I port, 1 Display-in port, 1 Display-out Port, 1 HDMI port, and in/out Audio port. These ports allow flexibility of connection and integration. However, users may want to invest on connector cables like DVI cable for ultimate performance. Other than that, it doesn’t offer many advantages to users. Graphic performance is a five-star class, while the other features can be improved and added as well.


hp logoSince the first it was established, this company already focuses on information technology, providing not only software but also hardware. It was headquartered in California, but it splits into two companies since 2015. HP Inc. inherits the old company while Hewlett Packard Enterprise uses their own symbol. From laserjet and inkjet printers, this company also provides ultra wide monitor now on its’ development. By offering curved screen and satisfying resolution, HP monitors are placed among the most picked by buyers.

HP Envy 34c Curved Widescreen Monitor

The 34-inch ultra wide monitor is equipped with VA screen, instead of IPS, with LED backlight. This screen offers higher contrast ratio as well as lower black level, but graphic doesn’t pop out like in IPS. Resolution is good already, 3440×1440 pixels, with Wide Quad HD quality for crisp and immersive display. Meanwhile, curved screen is almost unnoticeable, but it does the job well. Connecting other resources is enabled with 1 USP upstream port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 MHL/HDMI Display port, and 1 HDMI port. However, comparing to rivals, these connectivity hub is average, and display port connection can make color darker a little. In addition to it, the USB port is at the dead back and hard to reach.

This monitor is like a cloning on the 32-inch version with difference lies only on its dual built-in 6W DTS speakers on the right and left side. These speakers sound pretty good but control is awful with physical rotary control isn’t sensitive. Unfortunately, there is no additional audio out port on this monitor. Beside beautiful graphic quality, this monitor also offers multi-tasking screen by featuring Picture-by-Picture (PBP) technology and Picture-in-Picture (PIP) technology. Gaming experience is supported with 8ms response time with no device connected issue claimed so far.

In order to maximize comfortable angle to user, the VA screen offers 178° view angles which mean it works naturally with human eyes almost in every possible position of user. Tilt can be adjusted too, from -2° to 25°. Adjustment can be a little challenging due to the awkward design. In addition to it, free sync actually exists. User needs to enter gaming mode before this feature can be activated.

HP Envy 34c 34-inch Curved Media Display



Ultrawide monitor brings at least three benefits to gamers.

First, compatibility of most recent games already matches 21:9 aspect ratio. Several games like Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Cities: Skylines, Rome 2: Total War, DiRT Rally, and GTA V will automatically scale graphic based on monitor resolution. Meanwhile, competitive games like Dota2, Assassin’s Creed, and Dirty Bomb tend to have HUD issue. It can be solved with VOC tools, but it is kind of risky. Alternatively, setting aspect ratio to 16:9 is more logical to do.

Second, ultra wide monitor aspect ratio tends to work universally, so games will detect the resolution and ratio automatically and scale. This widescreen monitor simply expands view space. Few games even add Field of View (FOV) controls and modification but few games can detect this as error or hacks. Battlefield and Battlefront are examples of games that offer further involvement in the game with this monitor.

Third, with the FOV simultaneously expands the observable view and terrains in the game, it adds significant boost on in-game factor.


These monitors are popular among programmers these days. First, these monitors offer high resolution that should be an answer for coding clarity. For 24-inch monitor, programmers only need around 1920×1080 pixels. However, 1440 pixel of resolution on 27-inch monitor or bigger is more preferable. Being ultra wide, these monitors also offer bigger workspace, eliminating need on “alt+tab”-ing during work. Space is more than enough to display the entire rows, columns, and several windows at once.

Second, programmers definitely can’t work with Twisted Nematic (TN) panel. They need at least Vertical Allignment (VA) panel that provides adequate quality of color, viewing angles, and contrast. In top alternative, In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel that appears to be more common in ultrawide today should make the best option. In addition to it, these monitors are often equipped with ability for rotation, in which users can use it vertically to accommodate programming needs, and multiple out ports to integrate other resources.


Widescreen monitor is always considered a big help for those who need to open many tabs at once while working. It provides wider working space to display the entire tabs at once. Users don’t need the resolution so much even though it offers pleasant look on programs and apps. The best part of using these monitors for office work is with the capacity to display more resources and tabs at once. It also exposes more rows and columns to eliminate the need to scroll up and down or side to side, and it gets connected to other resources or devices way easier as it has more ports than general monitor.

Photo & Video Editing

Photo and video editor will take best advantage of screen resolution. The latest ultra widescreen monitors already have IPS panel that provides best color quality, viewing angles, and contrast so far. These monitors commonly offer awesome resolution including 2560×1080 pixels and 3440×1440 pixels which make best resolution for detail photo and video editing. Editing can be thorough and editors get more views on the video. Being really wide, this monitor offers more space to display your editing program without any need to move around the tabs all the time. All tools panels in the program can be exposed and editors can reduce the need to minimize tabs.


When it comes to designing and drafting, ultrawide screens offer wider working space and the best resolution for the image and graphic.  First, being wide, this monitor can display the entire tools panels, so users don’t need to slide right or left anymore. Displaying multiple windows at once, users don’t need to minimize tabs to check on ideas, step-by-step tutorials, and other significant tabs. Second, 2560×1080 pixels or 3440×1440 pixels resolution will show high definition detail on the design, making sure all details are in place and proper. Designer can see details on the best view which should matter on the final result. Third, when using curved screens, designer gets more viewing angles. It helps in constructing the best design and draft.

Music Production

Music production needs few significant factors including wide screen to display all tools panels and resources, flicker-free screen for longer working hours, and multiple ports to integrate instruments and devices. Those are factors ultra widescreen monitor can offer. While screen resolution doesn’t matter, the aspect ratio plays significant role. 21:9 aspect ratio offers wider space to display the entire surface of music maker program, giving user free access to tools panel. By using split screen feature, music production process will be faster with resources tabs can be shown at once. These monitors are commonly equipped with flicker-free technology as well. It means when music production takes longer time, users’ eyes shouldn’t get fatigue fast. At last, music maker will appreciate a number of ports and hubs added on the monitor. From USB ports to HDMI and Display port, user can integrate their instruments or other devices to enhance music quality.


While trader may not need the resolution, ultra wide monitor aspect ratio undoubtedly contributes excellent advantage. The 21:9 ratio offers more extensive space to display stock day trading windows. It means making deal and monitoring doesn’t take a lot of minimizing and maximizing tabs anymore. Users only need to use split screen feature and display multiple windows fully all the time to monitor. Choosing one with flicker-free feature will add comfort to eyes when trading takes longer time than usual too. Somehow, it helps trader to make faster decision without forgetting to consider all important factors.

General User

General users here are people who use the monitor for casual use from easy working task to movie watching. Ultra wide monitor gives high resolution for movie watching while its wide space can expose more cut-scenes, giving user different experience. Students can do assignments while opening YouTube channel at the same time while other parts of the screen show references for the assignment. Video Calling can be done while working on multiple things at once and gaming experience will be more fun. Sharing files, videos, and photos are easier as well with more ports are added on it.



How can we tell an ultrawide has good quality? First, we need good performance. It means the monitor shouldn’t only have good specs including 21:9 ratio, 2560×1080 pixels or 3440×1440 pixels resolution as basis, but also working well specs. Pay attention to consumer claims and issues. Light bleeding is considered critical just as much as the size of monitor bezel. This is the right moment when purchasing from reputable brands is significant. Few brands do consistent work in manufacturing good products, and they have minimal claims and product issues from buyers. Buyer needs to check if specific series has many bad issues reported before deciding on one particular product.


There are several important features to be expected. PBP and PIP technology are critical for split screen function. For gamers, Gaming Mode on a monitor should be inspected carefully to make sure it is compatible and if free-sync is already given. Designers, employees, and producer should also look for screen management feature that allows users to maximize the use of 21:9 monitor ratio. Flicker-free or other similar feature should help in providing comfort to users’ eyes. In addition to it, video enhance feature will be needed for editing and movie production.


Ultrawide screens are commonly available on bigger size, starting from 29-inch to 34-inch today. Generally, the monitor size will define its resolution even though it doesn’t affect the aspect ratio. If this monitor use will require high resolution for high definition graphic, user needs to choose one with bigger pixels on it. Size of the monitor should be considered especially when buyer desk or station isn’t big enough. It can be wall mounted, though, but it still takes more space. Bigger screen commonly can display more windows at once without leaving factor that users need clear view on the windows and texts too.


When buying new monitor, user will get several accessories that should include cables mostly. However, for certain process, user will probably need to invest on more accessories. If included cable is too short, invest on longer cable depending on your need. For Mac laptop user, connecting the computer to monitor will need not only the Thunderbolt but also particular kind of cable for best refresh rate. If the ultrawide doesn’t have built-in speakers, buyer may need to invest on some which are compatible with the monitor. It takes connection ports availability as well to get the right accessories for the monitor. Most monitors can be wall mounted, but brackets and kits can be offered separately.


Electronics have the tendency to have issues, and this is when warranty plays the best part. Most brands offer one to three years of warranty to buyers. Obviously, there will be terms and conditions to be applied and little exclusion on replacement. It is highly recommended that buyer takes at least one year warranty for new products. These monitors will take months before it shows the glitch or issues. By then, buyer should be able to get a replacement if the issue is critical. Buyer also need to read on warranty details and find the list of possible condition that lead to replacement or service when needed.


Several factors define price. Size of the screen, technology offered, additional features, and brands affect the final price of these monitors. Considered as the latest technology, these monitors are commonly provided in relatively high price comparing to the other kinds. However, several brands are brave enough to offer competitive price with almost the same specs as the expensive ones. These monitors can be great alternative. It is also helpful to compare among brands and series. To make a great deal on price, buyer can choose lower version and enhance with separate accessories which can be bought in smaller budget.


What kind of task are you going to do with the monitor? Graphic designer and video editor will require high resolution and wide working space to display all tools panels. Editor need split screen features the most while gamers need sync feature to enhance gaming experience. Music maker will need abundant ports to integrate instruments and other devices while trader will love the wide space it gives. The best ultrawide monitor to buy depends a lot on the purpose of use. General using doesn’t require specific specs but will get many advantages from the high-end technology these monitors have. Considering the use will help in choosing the right specs for the monitor.



gtx 1080This graphics card is one of the best in the industry right now. Several major key features define this card performance on ultra wide monitor. Moving from Maxwell, NVIDIA uses Pascal architecture on this graphics cards, allowing smaller manufacturer procedure on it. It affects the amount of the number of CUDA cores which are improved to 2,560.  Improvement is also added on its memory. This one offers 8GB capacity on its GDDR5X Memory, like one in PC or laptop RAM. In results, clock speed is improved to 1,607 MHz from 1,126 MHz on the previous version while memory bandwidth reaches 320GB per second.

This graphics card is also claimed to be quiet unless user overclocks it. Fortunately, this card is built with high overclock capacity so performance should stay consistent in most situations. It is also equipped with enough ports including three DisplayPort connectors, one HDMI port, and one DVI port. The DisplayPort is claimed to be the best part to have, enable this card to push 8K at 60Hz if user function two connectors, 5K at 60Hz, and 4K at 120Hz. This card also introduces impressive features like NVIDIA Ansel that allows user to pause the game practically anywhere and gives them total control on camera use.

In sum, this graphics card is fabulous to complete the monitor performance. It matches the resolution, and it enables user to maximize on the wide screen use. This card is a big leap comparing to previous version, and it makes the best for money to buy.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition, 8GB GDDR5X, LED, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC) Graphics Card 08G-P4-6180-KR
125 Reviews
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition, 8GB GDDR5X, LED, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC) Graphics Card 08G-P4-6180-KR
  • Real Base Clock: 1607 MHz / Real Boost Clock: 1733 MHz; Memory Detail: 8192MB GDDR5X
  • Discover unprecedented performance w/ the EVGA GTX 1080 Founders Edition.
  • What you see is what you get! - No additional software required to achieve listed clock speeds


amd radeon rx 480This graphics card is listed among the best on its field. Like the rivals, it has significant key features that support its performance. AMD changes the card architecture from Graphic Core Next (GCN) 3 to GCN 4 they call Polaris. This graphics card has 2,304 stream processors with 36 compute units in it. This card is offered with 8GB and 4GB memory options, and both only need 150 W of power. The entire specs can produce 1,120 MHz of clock speed as well as 1,266 MHz of boost speed. However, even though this card is highly capable of generating 5.8TFLOPs, its performance isn’t entirely superior.

The card design is okay, and it gets enough ports on it including one HDMI port, three Display Ports, and one six-pin PCI Express power connector. This card makes a great mate in performing full HD graphic and 1440 pixel frame rate decently. Performance should be enough to cope with current technology, but no advanced, and new inventions should be found in the card. Unfortunately, comparing to few rivals, this graphics card isn’t that fast, and it tends to fuss easier especially during hard process. In addition to it, it gets hot a lot faster than other brands.

In sum, this graphic card is completely reliable. It has perfect full HD performance on 1040 pixels rate. It has enough memory to run. However, it is not extraordinary in performance, and it tends to fuss and gets hot easier. Considering the company reputation, user can be sure that this card is still a friendly alternative to complete ultra wide monitors performance.

MSI GAMING Radeon RX 480 GDDR5 8GB CrossFire VR Ready FinFET DirectX 12 Graphics Card (RX 480 GAMING X 8G)
654 Reviews



Normal monitor used to be the only options to get things done. Today, ultrawide monitors become new alternative to consider when it comes to better productivity and enhanced experience with the monitor. Users start to leave normal monitor and replace it with new options for it. Let’s examine more on the new trend.


Which one is better, the ultrawide or setting up dual monitor? Dual monitor enables user to open more windows and navigate more things at once. However, in real, user still needs to scroll down and up to see more parts of the opened windows and to read the next rows. To check on the next columns, user still needs to slide from side to side. Meanwhile, ultrawide offers more than enough space to display multiple windows entirely at once in a tile, and its high resolution makes certain texts aren’t clear or too small to read. When we are talking about better productivity, ultrawide is surely the winner.


Now, what if we set up triple small monitor for the workspace? First, it should take a lot of space, more connectors, and probably more cards for those monitors. Still, programs with many columns and rows or extended panels can’t be displayed entirely. Ultrawide monitors will make good solution. First, the same work estate doesn’t get to be too crowded with single yet way wider screen. Second, it needs only single connectors, cards, and other possible accessories. This situation is one way to save a little. Third, ultrawide can display multiple windows at once fully and help improving productivity while doing tasks.


There are key features that make ultrawide monitor stands out. First, its aspect ratio is 21:9 and no longer 16:9. Second, these monitors have specific resolution, 3440×1440 or 2560×1080 pixels, and there is no other option for the resolution. Third, due to high resolution, this monitor needs high-performance graphic cards as well.


Basically, ultrawide monitors come in five different sizes including 37.5-inch, 35-inch, 34-inch, 29-inch, and 25-inch. The 25-inch size feels small because it has similar height to 24-inch monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio. The 29-inch size is around the same height as 24-inch monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio but it offers 5.7-inch of more width. Meanwhile, the 27-inch monitor is the same height as 27-inch monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio. User can get bigger size when better immersion on gaming is wanted.


It depends on preference. When monitor is needed mostly for productivity, 3440×1440 pixel of resolution can provide higher PPI and crisper text on split screen feature. It this monitor is intended for gaming, 2560×1080 pixel of resolution is the best choice for sustaining higher frame rates. Despite the purpose and choice, user needs to test the monitor personally to ensure the monitor is adequate and meeting the expectation.


Choose Blu-Rays and DVD movies and play them with VLC. It commonly solves the problems. However, when issue still happens, ultra wide monitor commonly has “cropping” feature to remove those bars.


Commonly, monitor and games will detect automatically. However, when auto fix doesn’t happen, user can go to ratio setting and reset it to the original setting. It commonly results in black side bars on display.


In conclusion, ultrawide monitors pack together features user will appreciate. The 21:9 aspect ratio makes sure user have more than enough workspace to display multiple windows at once side-by-side. Monitor resolution is designed to support high-detail work and serious gaming experience. It needs high-performance graphics card as well, and it can be connected to various devices and resources. It improves productivity, adds the fun, and enhances work result. For users with specific needs, specs need to be considered wisely. Comparing among brands will be useful to get the best deal while getting the entire required specs altogether. Especially for gaming, the highest resolution is recommended while productivity purposes can be supported with 3440×1440 pixel of resolution. See the mentioned monitors above for best recommendation.


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